Eventually you get tired of carrying your discs around the entire course in your hand. This is especially annoying when you get more than 2-3 discs. Here, I’ll give you my review of my first bag, the MVP Cell starter disc golf bag.

This is a nice bag for beginners who don’t have a whole lot of discs and don’t require anything fancy in a bag. It’s got an extra zip pocket to keep your valuables, a side pocket for a drink to stay hydrated, and plenty of space for a few of your favorite discs.

Bag Details and Construction

The bag itself is made from a durable black nylon material, with a colored zipper around the top which seals the disc compartment. The zippers are available in colors lime, pink, red, teal, yellow, and white. I personally have the teal version and I think it looks pretty nice for such an inexpensive bag.

There is 1 pocket on the side of the bag that can hold most standard sized bottles. Larger diameter bottles may have a difficult time fitting inside. I did have some trouble fitting those weird hourglass shaped 32 oz Gatorade bottles in the pocket, but any 20oz bottle should fit without problems.

Underneath the zipper lid there is a zippable mesh pocket which I used to hold things like my keys and wallet. I probably could fit my phone in there with my keys and wallet if I wanted to.

The inside of the bag fits 9 discs, but could hold 10 if you really jam them in there. 9 discs seems to work just right, because with 10 it would make it difficult to pull one disc out without bringing the rest of them with it. The 1 fabric divider splits the bad in half, which holds 4-5 discs on either side. There is also a pocket in the front that comfortably holds 2 discs. This is the pocket you would put your most used discs in. The bottom is lined by a plastic and foam pad that helps stiffen the bottom and prevents the edges of the discs from wearing away at the bottom fabric.

To carry the bag around from hole to hole, there is an adjustable shoulder strap made of nylon webbing.


This is definitely a beginner bag. Once I started buying more discs I reached the limits of this bag. The sides of the bag are not supported by anything other than the discs themselves, so if you definitely want the bag to be sturdy and stand up on it’s own, this bag won’t necessarily do that for you. But if you don’t really care then it won’t be an issue.


Overall the bag is pretty good quality. I used it pretty heavily for a few years and never encountered any issues as far as falling apart go. The fabric is still in good condition without any tears or busted seams of any kind. It didn’t get dirty at all, even tossing it to the dusty ground hole after hole, it doesn’t show any signs of wear. The zippers are also in good condition after many times zipping and unzipping to get to my discs.

Final Thoughts

In the end this is a good quality, inexpensive bag for people just getting into disc golf and starting to collect discs to play with. I’ve also found that it is a great bag to take along for “putter-only” rounds. That way I’m not tempted to use any other discs, I just take a few putters along in this bag. But like I said previously the only downside is that the bag doesn’t stand up on its own. Other than that I was completely satisfied with this bag and fulfills the job that it is designed for.

It doesn’t come at too high of a cost either (just 10-20 bucks depending on the color on Amazon). You can try it for yourself here!


Happy Discing!


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